Medical Coverage

Medical Coverage

Medical Coverage

Medical Services Plan of BC (MSP)

M.S.P. provides partial coverage only for persons on premium assistance. Please consult this office for details. Fees related to x-ray examinations, insurance reports, and requested letters not insured otherwise are the patient’s responsibility. No referral is required.

Extended Health Plan Benefits

Patients may receive reimbursement of office fees from most extended health benefit plans, such as those offered through Pacific Blue Cross. Extended health benefit information is available from your employer. This office will help with the completion of required forms and provide receipts that should be sent to your extended health benefits provider. Your employer determines limits and conditions for reimbursement. No referral is required.

WorkSafeBC Claims

If you are injured while working you should contact our office as soon as possible to complete the injury report for WorkSafeBC. The sooner we provide a diagnosis and treatment begins the faster you may recover and return to work. Chiropractic fees, reports and x-rays are paid by WorkSafeBC for accepted work related injuries. You are also covered for wage loss benefits while under the care of your family chiropractor. No referral is required.


Coverage is provided for office visits and x-rays for injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Dr. Carlson will provide, upon request, a medical legal report and attend court when requested by your or ICBC’s lawyer. If you are injured persons should consult their doctor of chiropractic as soon as possible following their car crash. No referral is required.